Reviews on the Tesla S

If you are looking for a new vehicle to drive, you have a lot of options to go with. With the Tesla S model, you can rest assured your vehicle will hold up. And, the Tesla S comes with a lot of important features, ensuring you have the best driving experience possible when on the road.

The 411

A huge selling point for this car is the fact that it doesn’t have any emissions. So while you are driving, you can rest assured you are not harming the environment at all. This car lets you go green while having a stylish, efficient car at the same time. It features a sporty body style, so even though the car is green, you can still have a unique aesthetic appeal.

This vehicle is a full-sized electric vehicle, which features a five-door design. This gives you the ability to transport several people in the car, which comes in handy when you are carpooling. You have two different battery pack options, which include 60 kW-h or the 85 kW-h.

On the inside of this vehicle is where it gets interesting. The Telsa S has a LCD touch screen monitor, which shows speed, power usage and charge level. This is helpful for the fact that you can see how much battery the engine has left before it needs to recharge. This ensures your Telsa is always charged to the correct level before hitting the road. There’s even a GPS navigation system included on the inside, giving users the ability to track where they are and where they are going at all times.

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