Top 5 Best Electric Cars

Electric cars have come a long way, thanks to engineering advances and the growing consumer demand for an alternative to the internal combustion engine.

Here’s 5 of the best all-electric cars on the market today:

Top Five

Tesla Model S

In 2013, California-based Tesla Motors was awarded Motor Trend Car of the Year award for it’s flagship Model S, making history as the first all-electric car to receive the honor.

This 5+2 seat, 4 door sedan delivers a range of 256 miles and pricing starts at $58,570. Available with 3 battery options, the 85 kWh performance version boasts a top speed of 130 mph, a 0 to 60 mph time of 4.2 seconds and an enviable quarter-mile time of just 12.6 seconds.

Nissan LEAF

With a range of 84 miles per charge, the Nissan LEAF 4 door, 5 seat hatchback is designed as a daily commuter for urban and suburban use. With a base price for the 2014 base model set at $28,900, the LEAF is poised to compete with mid-market hybrid and gas models and is currently ranked the world’s best-selling EV car.

Ford Focus

As the first of the big automakers to enter the all-electric market with it’s short-lived Ranger EV (1998-2002), Ford has returned to the EV scene with the Focus Electric, a 5-seater that delivers a range of 76 miles per charge. The base model starts at $35,170 and is powered by a 650lb, 23kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Smart Electric Drive

The 2014 Smart ED is the only all-electric car on the market today that offers a convertible top, making it a unique offering in the growing EV marketplace. This ultra-compact 2-seater has a range of 68 miles, and with a base price of $12,490, it’s one of the most affordable battery-powered vehicles on the road today.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED

Featuring a Tesla Motors power train, this luxury subcompact Benz combines classic German styling with leading-edge EV technology to deliver an alternative to drivers who don’t want to sacrifice style for efficiency. With a starting MSRP set at $41,450, the B-Class electric drive offers a range of 125 miles and it’s 0-60 acceleration clocks in at 7.9 seconds.

These 5 cars are proof-positive that electric cars have finally come of age; delivering performance that is comparable to internal-combustion engines at prices that are accessible to the average car buyer.

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