Top 5 Green Cars

Being environmentally friendly should not just be for clothes and recycling packages. Environmentally friendly cars are becoming a much needed necessity now. Check out this list of top 5 environmentally friendly, green cars on the market.

Green Five

The Honda Civic Hybrid: The Honda Civic Hybrid is heralded as one of the top “green cars” in the industry. At a base price of over $25,000, the Honda Civic hybrid is luxurious but still approachable by many who want to invest in a environmentally friendly vehicle. The car is not only affordable, but it is also lightweight. At just 3000 pounds, and the Honda Civic hybrid is below the 4000 pounds of other hybrids. Honda made its hybrid cars with efficiency in mind. The Honda Civic Hybrid meets California’s Partial Zero Emissions vehicle standards. The car’s 47 miles per gallon and 110 hp electric propulsion system makes it a highly efficient vehicle.

Smart ForTwo Electric Car: The SmartTwo Electric Car has many consumers raving about its fuel efficiency. The two-seat electric car has a fuel efficiency of over 120 miles per gallon in a city. It’s low weight of 2200 pounds also contributes to its low emissions. You can easily maneuver yourself when driving this electric car. At just under 9 feet long, it’s nimble structure allows it to access different environments.. However, there are a number of cons associated with many electric cars. These downsides are usually associated with low top speeds. The SmartTwo Electric car has a top speed of 78 mph and has a 68 mile range before it needs to be recharged. The electric coupe and convertible model comes with different price tags, with the coupe being a bit under $26,000 and the convertible model being under $29,000. However, it’s exceptional green features qualifies for federal tax credits.

2014 Tesla model S: The Tesla Model S is also another green car that can potentially change the movement to environmentally friendly vehicles. The Tesla Model S is an electric car with high speeds in mind – it can reach 60 miles an hour from a standstill in about 4 seconds. The car needs a particular type of charger to refuel its battery reserves. The batteries quickly reaches 80% completion in about 20 minutes. The 2014 Tesla S model has won a number of awards and has had a streak of positive consumer reviews.

Toyota Prius: Toyota Prius has been one of the best-selling cars since its 2001 model appeared in the scene. The American Consul for an Energy-Efficient Economy has recognized the car as complying with strict emission standards. The Toyota Prius has an electric and gas system for outstanding fuel economy. The 2014 model has a base price of $25000.

2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid: The 2014 Volkswagen Jetta hybrid has been awarded as one of the top small cars by US News. The price for this car is between $25,000 and $31,000, making it one of the more expensive options. However, the Volkswagen Jetta hybrid is turbocharged with a four-cylinder engine. This model also has consumer safety in mind, with the fuel line being automatically turned off and doors automatically unlocking in the case of a collision. This car model is not only awarded for its fuel efficiency, but it has been heralded for its safety features.

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