Mini John Cooper Review

The Mini John Cooper comes in two models, the Cooper two-door hardtop and the four –door hardtop cars. These mini John Cooper vehicles have unique designs and excellent performance as is common with the other John Cooper Works Pro design line. Behind these attractive qualities of the two and four-door, mini coopers are the retrofit... Read More

Latest GM Recalls Of 2015

After a hectic 2014, general motors began their 2015 by issuing their three safety recalls: Three GM  Recalls When stock market was shut down for the New Year’s vacation, the automaker issued call backs. The greatest one involved the ignition design of many SUV and the pickup truck models. Some GM shares were pressured in... Read More

5 Cars Worth Waiting For In 2015

With the New Year comes many anticipated new cars. From great lines to powerful motors, cars are becoming more innovative and manufacturers more ambitious. Already, 2015 is looking like a great year for car enthusiasts. From reimagined models with improved designs to classic favorites, there’s something everyone will love. Here are 5 of the most... Read More

What To Look For In An Electric Car

Electric cars used to just be novelty items that would make appearances at automotive shows but were not taken seriously as competitors in the marketplace. However, in recent years the price of fuel has increased and the price of electric cars has come down. Many people are considering electric cars today. If you are considering... Read More

Another Hyundai recall

Hyundai announced a new recall, in a long line, that has been plaguing the company in recent months. The latest recall affects 43,000 Hyundai Genesis models, including the luxury Equus model. Which Cars Are Affected? This recent recall states that Genesis models manufactured between 2009 to 2011 model years and the Equus 2011 models have... Read More

The Latest Nissan Recalls

In the most recent vehicle recall news, more than 130,000 Nissan and Infiniti vehicles have been recalled for a possible fuel leak which can lead to a vehicle fire. Infiniti is the high end line of Nissan vehicles and both brands are experiencing this issue. The fuel leak could cause gasoline to leak out of... Read More

The Year’s Best Cars In Review

2014 is nearly gone, but there is still plenty of time to get your hands on some of the top cars of the year, I’ve enjoyed talking cars with you all. In light of all things cars, here’s a roundup of some of the top 2014 cars that I’m recommending you take a look at,... Read More

5 Best Luxury Cars- Specs and All

Luxury cars standout from other types of automobile. They have a human touch which makes have a character derived from quality. They sport a more superior design featuring smooth lines and shapes. They’re painted more vividly, and their engines sound more lucid than ordinary cars. They are just amazing and command lots of attention. They... Read More

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Every year when cold weather arrives, most of us make a point to winterize our homes and our wardrobes in preparation for the inevitable snow and ice. However, it is of utmost importance that we take the time to winterize our vehicles as well. There are simple procedures that can be done with little expense... Read More