What Is Overdrive For On A Car

Overdrive is an interesting state(or device) for a motor vehicle where it is cruising at a high speed but with reduced RPM’s from the engine. The side effects of overdrive is that the vehicle runs more quietly and efficiently, thus saving gas and wear and tear. So how does overdrive work? The Workings of Overdrive... Read More

Cars With The Best Seating & Body Style

What do you consider the best automobile seating? Is it the most comfortable, softest seats or the car with the most seats, as in 3rd row seating? See here for more information about automotive seating.Does the best driver seat have lumbar support for your back or seat warmers and extra legroom? As the consumer, your... Read More

Ferrari Bringing On New Models

Any new offerings coming from Maranello, Italy, are always epic news in the car industry. For 2014, Ferrari has two new models that it’s introducing. One is a brand new supercar that is sure to excite all car enthusiasts while the other is an extensively changed version of an existing favorite. It’s a great year... Read More

Review of the Jaguar XE Seden

The Jaguar XE Sedan is the latest edition to the big cat car lovers club. This gorgeous car has been awaited with baited breath and Jaguar lovers unite in its appearance on the scene. With its beautiful design and sporty features the Jaguar XE Sedan promises a sleek ride with speed and performance that far... Read More

Hyundai Recalls

Hyundai has issued a press release on the latest General Motors recalls. Here’s the press release. Between the end of October 2013 and July, 2014, Hyundai has issued three recalls for more than 419,000 vehicles from problems with the suspension, brakes and oil leaks. The largest of the three recalls was issued on July 25th... Read More

Volkswagen Golf GTI

One of the most popular budget-minded performance vehicles sold today, the Volkswagen Golf GTI will not disappoint. For over 25 years Volkswagen has offered a GTI model of their iconic two-doored hatchback and it has always been well received. The Volkswagen GTI 2015 is no exception to that rule. This smart two or four doored... Read More

The GM Recall

The latest GM recall has the auto maker adding over 800,000 cars sold between 2008 and 2011 to its ignition switch recall due to faulty switches that could allow keys to randomly switch or move to the “off” or “accessory” position. This would turn off the engine as well as the majority of the vehicle’s... Read More

The Google Self Driving Cars

Google has unveiled the prototype of the self-driving car that they say is now ready to “go live”. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Google driverless car will be legal in California by May 2015. The Google car has no gas pedal, no brake pedal, and no steering wheel. Using sensors on the roof, it analyzes... Read More