The Best Apps To Use When Buying A Car

The auto industry has a rich history of technological innovation, but the car buying experience has been a different story. It’s only recently that the car buying experience has evolved from the state it was in when the first dealership was opened. As more consumers flock to the market for what seems to be real-time satisfaction, convenience, and control, more and more car buying apps are popping up and promising an added advantage. However, only a few top the rank as the best solution to bargain control and middlemen elimination. Just to name a few, here are five best Apps to use when buying a car. They have a solid reputation for being the best at their job.

1. CarMax

CarMax is the next best thing after Google in the industry. With a nationwide inventory list of over 50,000 dealerships, you get to sample different cars right from the palm of your hand. The app is exclusive to CarMax dealerships, a trusted brand countrywide, and it’s a haven for used car buyers. The app provides upfront prices instead of estimates, a relief to those lacking the bargaining power.

To query the system, search by type, model, year, features, price or MPG for the car of your dreams. CarMax will let you view the car’s features, history, and photos. You can customize your searches to your budget, save searches and get alerts on any changes on your saved items. If that’s not enough, you can compare your query to ten different cars while calculating the payment options on your phone. CarMax is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Edmunds

Edmunds isn’t a new name, but it’s roared into the online car buying space. The company has had a long-run of success with its chain of car dealerships, but it was only in 2010 that Edmunds solidified its online presence with the launch of the Edmunds app. Ever since, the company continues to offer solid advice to car buyers.

As a knowledge hub for car consumers, Edmunds offers meaningful insights on both new and used vehicles. The app gives expert car reviews, market value estimates, and a payment calculator for a snapshot of financing options. You also get various specs and car info on different listings. The great thing about this app is the ton of information it reveals. You don’t have to make hasty decisions on a car when you can crosscheck with others on the app. Edmund is also available in Android and iPhone phones.

3. Kelley Blue Book (

Kelley Blue Book is a powerful brand with an amazing app that does things no other site can do – it allows parties to both sell and buy used cars. Compared to its established website, the app is lacking in information, though it does a solid job on reviews and pricing specific models. KBB is simple to use. As the golden standard guide, the app gives you access to expert review videos. It’s a great place to buy used or new cars on both your Android and iPhone.

4. is a great place to start if you are transitioning from dealership visits to an online approach. The app is easy to use and gives guided steps for inexperienced app users. You can find both used and new car information. Though designed for iPhone users, the app really distinguishes itself for its simplified features. has a variety of filters to help you filter through thousands of options. It also features amazing dealer reviews, a payment calculator and price quotes.

5. TrueCar

Truecar is a massive resource for car buyers. It’s known for having over 13,000 dealership connections across the US. The app also allows both buying and selling new cars, although you have to download separate versions for each. The app has a sleek interface that is easy to navigate. Unlike other apps that give you a clear pay price, Truecar allows you to see the various prices that buyers around your area paid for a particular brand.

Car shopping has never been easier with these five best apps. Feel free to select any app of your liking as all apps are great for different reasons.